About Me

Hi, I’m Anji!

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And it’s time for a radical revolution in health & well-being, so you can embody Soulful Living!

Let’s tell the truth - you’re simply exhausted trying to have, do and be it all and in the process, you’ve lost connection with your true beautiful self.

  • You want to be healthy, but have deprived yourself, followed tough rules, pushed through the workout, and still felt hungry - physically and emotionally.

  • I see that you’re working so hard at being a great mother, partner, career woman and community leader (you even make sure you keep up with the recycling) and it cuts into the nourishing sleep you KNOW you need.

  • And what about your spiritual practice? What’s that? For all the books you’ve read and podcasts you’ve listened to, you’re swimming in a sea of meditations and affirmations and STILL feel disconnected from Spirit, your life, from YOU.

Take a deep breath and let go of ALL.THE.NOISE. I have a special message for you - it’s time to relax, there IS a better way!

I know, because I was in your worn out running shoes 8 years ago. You want optimal health & well-being, and to feel like your life just FLOWS, connected and inspired on a deep level. You want to be loving your life and your self...you are just so burned out and overwhelmed you have no idea how to make it happen or where to even begin.

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My purpose here on earth is to be a Divine messenger of self-love, guiding you toward a new dimension of well-being. I am Mind-Body-Soul Coach for beautiful people like you who want to live healthfully, joyfully, Soulfully.

I guide my clients out of the prison of rules and restrictions and into the freedom of a truly inspired life. One that is born of their inner wisdom and self-love, embodying a NEW paradigm of health, well-being and high vibrational living.

Here’s My Story

I’ve always been active, vivacious and out-going. Fortunate enough to grow up in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, there wasn’t a weekend during the year that you couldn’t find me hiking through pine forests, bouldering up to the expansive vistas of nature all around me. (Okay, maybe during that ONE blizzard I stayed indoors!). My mother was a nurse and I became immersed in medicine and healthcare, interested in how healing works.

I graduated with a Masters degree in Health Promotion and Wellness Management, because I was passionate about helping others eat well, stay fit and lose weight and achieve optimal heart health. I regularly rode my bike wherever I could, ran 5K races and stretched my lungs hiking in Mother Nature’s gym. I loved my career in worksite health and wellness - I got to preach my favorite gospel of the holy trinity - eat right, exercise, maintain a healthy weight. And I was making a difference in people’s lives!

I was fortunate enough to be offered an incredible opportunity to become a Certified Wellness Coach, and as I went through the rigorous training, learning about coaching psychology and how people change behavior, something started to shift. Or crack wide open.


I discovered through the hundreds of people that I coached every week that there were SO many factors that influenced behavior change and whether we adopted healthy habits or not. And I discovered that wellness was not necessarily based on MY definition! I was guiding my clients to define for themselves what their path to wellness looked like - and totally ignoring the warning signs that my own path was leading toward disaster.

I had a great job managing a worksite fitness center and teaching both fitness classes and wellness classes. I LOVED it and lots of folks were totally engaged! I was getting up at 5 am EVERY morning to run my 3 miles and finish with 30 minutes of yoga and meditation, then I taught Boot Camp or some other high intensity fitness class for employees, I was a vegetarian exploring a vegan diet, and THEN I came home to teach yoga in my studio 3 nights a week. I was the fittest and strongest I had ever been! I was wearing size 2 jeans!! I had a (nearly) flat stomach that every woman craved!

My body was speaking to me - and they say if you don’t listen when it whispers, you’ll be forced to hear it when it’s screaming. I started to notice that I was overheated and exhausted after my workouts. I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot (a very painful inflamed and shortened tendon on the bottom of the foot) and I started having aches and pains all over my body that would last the whole day. It was like I had arthritis and I felt like I was 80 years old! I started gaining weight and the final straw was the onset of the most epic insomnia I had ever experienced. Wide awake every.single.night until 3 am and then try to wake up and get to work by 7 am.

It took a year of feeling miserable and I finally discovered through a routine blood test what was happening - I was terribly malnourished and suffered the consequences of Overtraining Syndrome. And what was the only treatment option for me? Rest and eating more. Now for most, this seems like a dream prescription, but for someone who lived and breathed “health and wellness”, I had deep fears about gaining weight, losing my tone, becoming tired, weak and lazy, and worst of all, I was terrified of how I would look and how others would see me - especially since I was a “model of health” for my job and my community! Who am I and what value do I have if I don’t look the part of a physically fit wellness expert??

I couldn’t ignore the fact that, spin-class-be-damned, I needed to take a break. A LONG break. To rest, recover...and revitalize.


And what an IMMENSE gift from the Universe that was!! That forced stillness allowed me to stop and take a long look at my life - what was working, what wasn’t and what I had missed out on because I was SO focused on an outdated vision of what I thought health and well-being looked like! Yes, I gained weight - and ironically friends and family came out of the woodwork to tell me that they were GLAD because I was now glowing with health! I stepped up my spiritual studies, learned how to make emotional and mental wellness the cornerstone of my path, became certified as an Integrative Nutrition Coach (spoiler alert: its not all about the food!), and started to not only heal myself but helped my clients achieve even greater well-being through a more spiritual, energetic, true mind-body approach. I’m in the best health of my life and feel so much more passion and vitality, living a life I designed using these same principles I will share with you!


I believe that it’s time for a new era of health and wellness and I believe 100% that with the right tools and guidance, that you can embody a more peaceful path to Soulful Living!

You can stop driving yourself so hard, putting yourself into someone else’s box and feel so in love with your body, your health, your LIFE.

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Some fun facts about me:

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  • I am a classically trained vocalist, and I play guitar. I have 2 CD’s of my original music published and have performed across the country.

  • I have been a yoga teacher for nearly 20 years and used to own a yoga studio. I am passionate about the mind-body healing powers of this practice. Oh, and I am nearly 50 years old and I can rock Sirsasana (head-stand pose)!

  • I have lived all over the country, but find that I am home and healed by the mountains. My beloved partner Christopher and I live in Lakewood Colorado.

  • I am a passionate advocate for mental health. I have been fortunate to work with those who suffer from homelessness and substance abuse, and have volunteered my time serving these communities, including bringing them the healing power of yoga.

  • I live deeply connected to the cycles of nature, in particular the phases of the moon. I have regularly facilitated Women’s New Moon circles, holding this sacred space for women of all ages to come home to the power of their connection to Spirit.

  • I am dedicated to being a living embodiment of this new definition of health and wellness and body positivity, and I am 150% committed to helping you do the same, and discover the joy of Soulful Living.