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Welcome! I’m Anji and I have a message for you...

You are meant to live a soul-Ful Life

I know you want more in life, but not more “stuff”…more SOUL. It is my passion and purpose to help others live a more soulful life. The kind of life that feels joyful, vibrant, healthy, fun, spiritually connected, where you are tuned in and turned on! That is who you and I are meant to be!

I am a messenger of mind-body-soul healing

Using my intuitive gifts, expertise in health, wellness and yoga, and my channelled music, let me share Divine Guidance, helping reconnect YOU to your own authentic voice and find your path to Soulful Living.    

Let me help you find the truth you have been seeking...

The truth that returns you to soulful Living

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Soulful Living Coaching

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Soulful Connection Introductory Session

Let’s start a conversation! Using clairaudience and intuitive gifts, we’ll explore what your Soulful Life looks like. We may uncover hidden barriers keeping you stuck and stagnant, and use Spirit’s wisdom to help you discover first steps toward a life of Soulful Living. 

SoulFul living Coaching

An in-depth journey to define and manifest your Soulful Life! In our coaching sessions we will use a variety of Mind-Body-Spirit techniques to help you find and eliminate the blocks that keep you from living an inspired life.

Free your soulful Voice Coaching 

Part of living a Soulful Life is using your authentic voice to express your soul’s purpose and passion! Whether you want to be a singer, speaker or just be able to express your truth confidently, Free Your Voice Coaching will tap into the power of your voice.

soulful Living retreats

Coming soon!  

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Let’s Work Together!