Out of all the people that have had a hand in my weight loss journey, you have (by far) done the absolute most & I don’t know where I’m be without your guidance. The day I found out I was diabetic, sitting in the doctor’s office crying, I suggested weight loss surgery to her. I felt so desperate, but when I came that morning to see you, you completely took the bull by the horns & gave me a plan to start right away. What you gave me, was hope.On that day, I weighed 242lbs, had an A1C of 10.2 & a fasting blood sugar of 179. Today, I weigh 195lbs, last A1C was 5.8 and my fasting blood sugar was 126. Everything on my body feels better. I have more confidence & more energy. I feel like a whole, new woman.
— Kelly, Iowa
I truly am deeply grateful for our sessions together. I have had fun exploring and evolving with my voice.
I am a sound healer, and enjoy using singing bowls and voice together.
I am grateful for some private voice coaching sessions i have experienced with Anji. Her coaching enhanced my ability to bring a more powerful presence to my sound healing passion. Anji integrates breath and body mindfulness with the voice. Her creative insight and feedback was most helpful as she observed my own practice. Thank you, Anji!

— Kathy, Iowa
One thing is certain, Anji creates a magical experience for her audience.
— Leddy, Florida

Anji is a gifted, experienced and holistic voice coach My life and my voice are forever changed thanks to her guidance. Her individualized lessons combined traditional voice coaching with yoga and breath work and were perfect for my needs and desires. I feel stronger and more powerful in voice, body and spirit thanks to our lessons together. Sessions were fun, meaningful and productive!
— Emelia, Iowa

I loved it (reading). More than loved it! Again, I want to thank you for being the vessel to deliver great insights and info to me.
— Barb, Iowa

Anji is a phenomenal presenter and vocal coach. Her “Free Your Voice” workshop and the methods she taught are unique, relaxing, and magical. Everyone in attendance unanimously agreed it was a one-of-a-kind experience.
— Jennifer, Georgia

Anji is a patient, gifted vocal coach with an amazing voice herself. I would highly recommend Anji for anyone who is looking to improve their breathing, and polish their vocal skills. You are going to love working with Anji, and you’ll love the results!
— Sue, Florida

I did the practice yesterday late afternoon. I LOVED IT! it was perfect and I felt amazing afterwards. I feel so much better than anytime I want to yoga, I’ll get to be “with you.”
— Lisa, Florida